Eudora Pro 4.x

If you are using Eudora Pro 4.x be sure to upgrade to the latest version (4.2.2 at the moment of writing this text). You can download the updates from:
You should be especially aware of 4.2.0 which claims to support SMTP AUTH in help files, but in fact it does not as far as I was able to check. Anyway 4.2.2 supports it and i recommend you to use it.

To enable SMTP AUTH you will have to edit the "eudora.ini" text file which is located in the eudora's directory.

First quit your eudora, then open "eudora.ini" in your favorite text editor.

On the top of the file, you will see something like this:

RealName=Mark Twaini


To activate SMTP AUTH add 2 following lines, jest below the [Settings] line:


Now start eudora and everything should work fine. Eudora works best when you have the same password on the SMTP server as on the pop server because it's hard to distinguish between smtp and pop3 password dialogs. Also you should have THE SAME login on both (smtp and pop) servers.