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Stock Market Data Feed  

   WSN Stock Data Feed Service

Web Spinners®, LLC can provide fully customized Stock Market data feeds in a design that fits your site. From a simple POP-UP to fully encoded into your webpage, we can provide the design and programming to make it happen.

  • POP-UP VERSION - simple floating "control panel" that allows the Stock Data Chart to be changed to any "pre-set" stock picks you have configured. Hosted by Web Spinners Networks, this simple code can be added to any website. Can be customized to have a floating logo, background colors and fonts,  link image, table border and colors, auto-refresh rate plus more. Users must allow POP-UPs while on your site   

    NOW ONLY   $15.00 per month    BUY NOW - Email Webmaster@WebSpinners.Net 
  • FULLY ENCODED VERSION - code is added to your site/webpage to be contained within your webpage. Background colors and images are removed to be transparent or replaced with your "theme". Data refresh rate is "manual" by user click or on page reload.  Back-end hosted by Web Spinners Networks for 24-7 availability.  

    NOW ONLY   $15.00 per month    BUY NOW  - Email Webmaster@WebSpinners.Net 
  • FULL SOURCE CODE VERSION-  we provide you the source code to host on your own server  that pulls down the data feed, translates and outputs the feed as you may wish. All aspects of the Data Feed and Display (output) Format is fully configurable with html.  CFM, ASP, PHP or CGI is required to re-code data-feed. Original source code is provided as-is and must be integrated with your own code to work.  Limited support is provided to help you "tweak" your code. 

    NOW ONLY   $350.00 one-time fee   BUY NOW - Email Webmaster@WebSpinners.Net 

Contact us today to determine the best approach for your needs. 


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