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Below are sites or pages we have built that can be used free of charge. This list is always growing as we link to sites we have created years ago and new ones. When possible we have listed a date of creation.  

  • Our Crying Planet - (Spring/Summer 2007) Video Blog, Environmental Report by region. 

  • Hot Java Blackjack 21 - (Spring 1997) Plain Old BlackJack you can play all day! 

  • Angel Oak Tree / Scarlet's Tree - ( Summer 1999) Photos and thoughts about the most fantastic Tree in the United States. 1500+ years old and growing strong!!

  • Web Spinners Chess - (Summer 1998) (currently down for upgrades) Chat Live, Learn Chess, Play Tournaments and Single games with players worldwide. Set your board size, music and Icon to personalize. 

  • Trade Wars 2002 Server (Winter 2000) Are you a intergalactic pirate or a Federation type? Test your Metal against the best in the world in our Trade Wars Gold server.

  • Lofn's Runestones (Fall 2001) FREE Web ORACLE  application like a horoscope based on the Viking Rune Stones.

  • Free Midi Review-Exchange (Fall 1998) Web Wide Application for sharing and rating MIDI files.

  • Pgh Local Music  (Fall 1998) Dedicated to the working musician this site is the hands down source of music in and around Pittsburgh PA.

  •  Media123.net a Virtual Record Labael (Summer 2000) Before iTunes there was Media123.net 

  • Free Web Mall (Winter 199)Web Wide Application directory for Merchants online. Add your Link with logo store info and update it as often as you like.

  • Free Babybook (Summer 1998) WebPages Web Wide Application for Newborns first photo. Each Baby has own page with parents comments. Send link to your friends and family!

  • Free Meta-Tag Maker (Spring 1997) Web Wide Application for creating META-TAGS for Keywords and Description to add to your web pages.

  • Chord Master - (Fall 2003) Visual Guitar Chord Finder - 

  • Chord Master 2 - (Fall 2003)Visual Guitar Chord Finder (Horizontal Layout) 


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