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FTP publishing help  

   How to Publish your website using FTP.

Web Spinners suggests using CuteFTP or a simple DOS prompt to FTP to our servers. You may use most any client you choose following the instructions below.

You will need the User Name and Password you requested upon Setup/Registration with Web Spinners. 

The FTP server for your Domain is:
User Name: As Requested
PassWord:  As Requested unless notified otherwise.

For New Domains not fully registered with your ISP or InterNic your FTP server is:
User Name: As Requested
PassWord:  As Requested unless notified otherwise.

To publish using FTP open a Command Prompt (DOS Window) and Change Directory (CD) to the folder containing your web files. Once there Type:

FTP UserName.WebSpinners.info
FTP www.YourDomainName.com

and then hit ENTER/RETURN. You'll be asked for Login name.


Then again hit ENTER/RETURN. Next you'll be asked for the Password for this user.


Password is CASE sensitive be careful. And ENTER/RETURN. 

You will now be logged into Web Spinners FTP servers and in your User Name Folder on our servers. To see the contents of this or any folder TYPE:


You should see the Folder named for your Domain (YourDomainCom).  Inside this is another folder named WWW. You need to change into the WWW folder before uploading your web files or they will not be accessible via the World Wide Web. To do this TYPE:

cd YourDomain.com


cd www

and ENTER/RETURN. Now if you list the items in this folder with the DIR command you'll see at least one file (Default.htm) which is your HOME/ROOT page and possibly other folders like CGI-BIN, IMAGES and _PRIVATE. 

To UPLOAD your files you will use the GET and PUT command with the following in mind. PUT, uploads files and GET, downloads files. Additionally, if you are uploading images or other none TEXT (HTML) files you first need to use the BINARY command to switch to that mode of transfer or your files will be corrupted.

Upload your HTML files and other text files first. TYPE:

put filename.html
(uploads the named HTML file)


put *.html
(uploads all files of named file type)

To upload images and other binary file types first TYPE:


Now you can use the PUT commands to upload your other files. TYPE:

put filename.gif
(uploads named file)


put *.gif
(uploads all files of specified file type)

or even

put *.*
(uploads all files of all types in local folder)

To Download files follow the above instructions but use the GET command instead of PUT.

Web Spinners recommends using CuteFTP, ColdFusion, or Microsoft® FrontPage® to place files faster and easier than the command prompt option detailed above.


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