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IP Resolve Error  

   Sender IP Must Resolve

The email server that sent the original message to us does not have DNS setup correctly for it. The error "Sender IP must resolve" means that they have no reverse lookup for the IP address of their outgoing email server. Our secure email server requires that MX records for the sending domain, and reverse DNS for the sending IP address be properly configured. Internet Standards have required this for email servers since 1990.

The domain administrator for that system must add a PTR record for the IP address of their outgoing email server pointing to the machine that is their outgoing email server.

For the purpose of this example we will assume that the IP address of your mailserver is and you are using Microsoft DNS on NT 4.0/ Windows 2000 Server.

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From DNS manager (if you're not sure where that is then Click - Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> DNS Manager) right click on your primary 208.165.175.in-addr.arpa zone, pick New Record from the popup menu ...

PTR-SCR1.jpg (211262 bytes)

Once the New Record dialogue box appears, click PTR in the Record Type area, click in the IP Address box and type in your IP address, click in the Host DNS Name box and type the fully qualified domain name of your mailserver - myserver.mydomain.com - then click OK.

PTR-SCR2.jpg (213331 bytes)

PTR-SCR3.jpg (228619 bytes)

Once you have added the PTR record we should be able to receive your email, although it could take a while for this change to propagate if the information is cached. PTR-SCR4.jpg (211803 bytes)


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