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Mail Servers  

   Email Anywhere, Anytime with Web Spinners Mail.

Web Spinners uses Enterprise Mail Servers for full featured flexibility and reliability. They are 100% compatible with all major Mail Clients including but not limited to GoldMine, Eudora, Netscape, Outlook, Outlook Express, Phoenix, ColdFusion, ASP, and Perl integration. 

Incoming server is:  Mail.WebSpinners.Net
Outgoing server is:  Mail.WebSpinners.Net

Use the username and password requested  on setup with us to connect. See below notes...


Email Server Links

  • Sendmail can only be used after consultation with Web Spinners technician for instructions to connect or send mail from your web site.

  • Mail must be either from or to an address configured on our mail servers since we do not RELAY unknown mail.

  • FrontPage forms must use an email mapping address or other known address on our servers.

  • Abuse and SPAM should be reported to postmaster@webspinners.net  with full body and headers of any message believed to be SPAM or abuse.


Accepting Real-Time purchases with:
Diners Club, Master Card, Discover, Amex, Visa
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