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Privacy Policy  

   Web Spinners Privacy Statement

Individually Identifying Information: 
Web Spinners LLC. respects your privacy. This disclosure gives you the opportunity to learn of our information collection/use procedures. The information we collect depends on what you do while visiting our web site. 

At our web site, we may collect the following individually identifying information: date/time of site access, URL accessed, IP address and name of computer accessing the site, city, state, and country of accessing computer, organization used to log on to the Internet, search engine used and phrase searched, browser used and browser version, and selections made on various pages, and any other information you choose to volunteer. This information is used: 
Internally to analyze web site traffic, use, activities, etc. 
To assist us in web site modifications 
If you use our products to do a search, we may collect the additional following "searched on" information: IP address, URL accessing, ZIP/Postal Code, city/state, nearest three locations to input data, number of locations/miles searched within, date/time, and products searched for. This information may be:

Used to better hone our products (internally) 
Used to determine aggregate statistics (internally) 
Available to the Company for whom we host the site 

Corporately Identifiable Information: 
During the course of service to your business we may collect corporately identifiable information such as: an IP address, a contact name, email address, or other information you volunteer. It is your choice to divulge this information and we encourage you to verify its accuracy. This information is used for internal purposes throughout our service to you and residual information is retained within our archival system. 
Moreover, you may choose to give us corporate database information, which we use to carry out your requests and service you. This information is: 
Accessed internally 
Accessed for maintenance purposes 
Accessed at your request 
Not sold to a third parties 
Dealt with confidentially

A "cookie" is a small portion of data that is sent from a web server to your browser and subsequently stored on your computer's hard drive. Various sites use this device to track information about you, providing customization of services. We currently employ cookies to complete certain shopping requests which require info like an Invoice Number to be tracked from our cart to our credit processing company and back to our sites and order completion routines.

We have security measures in place to further protect your corporately/individually identifying information. Credit Card transactions/information submitted via the Internet using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) are encrypted and are not sold, rented, or leased to any third party. 

Be aware that the sites you may link to from our web pages may collect information from you, and the practices of those web sites, use of cookies etc., are not covered under this disclosure. We advocate that you read their privacy disclosures, in order to be further aware of what information is collected about you and how it is used. 

Public Access:
We thank you for choosing us to service you. We want you to be aware that when you purchase services from our system, it requires us to make certain portions of your corporately identifying information public (such as your company name and business address). This is accomplished to further your business objectives by giving required parties information on the service we are buying for you from them (webmail; domain names; SSL certificates and other 3rd party services or products.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties:
There may be times when we make general statistics on our Client List available to a third party who is a prospective customer or business partner (excluding exempting licensing agreements with us). However, we do not rent, lease, trade, or sell the individually/corporately identifiable information that we collect. If we choose to do so in the future, we will only do so with trustworthy third parties, and will disclose these changes to you by posting the modified policy here at: http://www.webspinnersllc.com/privacy.web

It is Your Choice:
Linking to our web site, engaging in email correspondence, sharing any identifiable information with us, and engaging us in service for you is a choice you make. Unfortunately, nothing on the Internet can be guaranteed 100%, so we encourage you to use discretion and proceed at your own risk as you make these choices. 

Please be advised that there may be occasions where we are legally required to disclose information, such as in response to a legally permitted inquiry. We reserve the right to change and modify our privacy statement, and in order to keep you aware of those changes, we will post the most current privacy disclosure at: http://www.webspinnersllc.com/privacy.web 


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Your privacy is respected and held confidential.   Please view our privacy policy.
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