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Web Spinners Staff  

   Our Founders and Technical Consultants.

Please read the profiles on our staff and watch the Web Videos for more info. 

Web Spinners founders: Michael Davis and Steven Crandall 

Michael "Spider" Davis

Michael is the founder of Web Spinners and the primary consultant and support technician. He began Web Spinners in 1996 as a Sole Proprietary and in early 1997 took Steve Crandall in as a Full Partner. 

Michael is a  philosopher, political scientist, programmer and social activist who is dedicated to educating and helping the public. Before beginning Web Spinners, Michael worked as a Canvass Director/ Program Director for national non-profit Environmental and Social Action Organizations like Citizen Action, Clean Water Action, National Campaign for the Environment, S.C. Wildlife Federation, and PA Environmental Campaign. In 4 years Michael worked directly with thousands of citizens all over the United States to help secure Healthy and Consumer friendly legislation, as well as, educate them on these sometimes quite technical process's and issues. Michael has continued his activist roots in Web Spinners by ensuring all services provided are the highest quality and at the lowest possible price. 

As a Visionary and Philosopher, Michael has helped ensure the steady, sustainable growth Web Spinners has enjoyed since its inception. His experience running non-profits has helped ensure the financial stability and strict budget that must be maintained to ensure growth in this competitive and booming industry.

Steven "Tarantula" Crandall
Server Admin/Consultant

Steven moved to Western Pennsylvania in 1986. After a short internship where he repaired PC's - he was hired to service computers and build clones in the Pittsburgh Area. He quickly became bored with that, and began to work with applications and databases, and then wrote some utilities and application software. Then he moved on to servers and networks. In his spare time he ran a free Bulletin Board System and played chess. Steven met Michael over the chess board (more or less). Many games later, Steven was finally enticed into web spinners as a full partner. 

Over the years Steven has attained many industry certifications including CNE, MCSE, CCNA, and many others. Currently working towards his CCIE, he dove head first into the depths of networking and the Internet. His strong background in hardware and extensive knowledge of computing systems has proven invaluable to Web Spinners over the years, ensuring only the best equipment is purchased and is always running smoothly. 

At Web Spinners Steven keeps the servers serving, the networks networking, and dabbles in web application development. Being an old school programmer Steve knows how to get great programs built quickly and effectively.

Kenneth "Big Guns" McCafferty


Ken has been working with Web Spinners since 1998 as a ColdFusion and Javascript programmer. His talents have been helping Web Spinners refine and add-on to existing E-commerce Web Applications and build New ones. 

Ken brings an initiative to programming that cannot be rivaled. He repeatedly out does himself and everyone around him by having his projects completed on-time, correct and even a little better than planned! Never afraid to learn new ways to program, Ken is a true Hacker as he always incorporates what he learns and progresses to unexpectedly high productivity. His vigorous and innovative style in programming have won him Web Spinners's #1 programming position. When we need the "Big-Guns" for a project you can bet Ken is in the middle of the plan!

Ken is a kind humanitarian dedicated to helping the Web Spinners Guild provide volunteer programming services to non-profit human rights supporting organizations. His best known work may soon be the Carnegie Library and Museums Three Rivers Free-Net Community center which was implemented January 2000. 


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